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22nd August 2006 - an historic day for WBCT.
    At approximately 11 o'clock the Wilts & Berks Canal rejoined the rest of the British Waterway system.  The final few yards of earth were removed and the waters joined.  The new cut had been filled with water overnight to equalize the pressures so that there was no great in rush of water.  The Official Opening Ceremony will be on August 30th at 12 o'clock.
breakthrough 001
Breakthrough 001
Early morning

Breakthrough 002
Early morning

breakthrough 002
breakthrough 003
Breakthrough 003
The winding hole. Filled overnight.

Breakthrough 004
Looking towards the River Thames

breakthrough 004
breakthrough 005
Breakthrough 005
After all these years, Roy is impatient to get started.

Breakthrough 006
Bob, in Blue, coming to assist.

breakthrough 006
breakthrough 007
Breakthrough 007
Project Director, Martin, and Roy get started.

Breakthrough 008
Bob takes over, with the contractor coming to help.

breakthrough 008
breakthrough 009
Breakthrough 009
The big digger gets stuck in.

breakthrough 010

breakthrough 010
breakthrough 011
Breakthrough 011

Breakthrough 012

breakthrough 012
breakthrough 013
Breakthrough 013

Breakthrough 014

breakthrough 014
breakthrough 015
Breakthrough 015

Breakthrough 016

breakthrough 016
breakthrough 017
Breakthrough 017

Breakthrough 018

breakthrough 018
breakthrough 019
Breakthrough 019
Junction open, waiting for the first boat on the 30th August.

Breakthrough 020

breakthrough 020
breakthrough 021
Breakthrough 021

Breakthrough 022

Aquatic plants delivered.

breakthrough 022
breakthrough 023
Breakthrough 023
Landscaping continues.

Breakthrough 024
Aquatic plants planted along the bank.

breakthrough 024
breakthrough 025
Breakthrough 025

Breakthrough 026

breakthrough 026
breakthrough 027
Breakthrough 027

Breakthrough 028
Fencing being installed by East Vale Branch members.

breakthrough 028
breakthrough 029
Breakthrough 029

Breakthrough 030

breakthrough 030
breakthrough 031
Breakthrough 031

Breakthrough 032
Numerous trees planted in a copse.

breakthrough 032
breakthrough 033
Breakthrough 033
Martin, with some of the team.



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