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Wilts and Berks Canal maps
1875 series. Scale of maps 2,500:1 or 25.3 inches to the mile
Click on a tile to view the original map


1875 Wilts and Berks Canal maps-West & North

Recently Vic suggested that he and I should employ our bus passes to go to the Central Library in Oxford and photograph the high resolution 1875 maps of the canal there (Vic had photocopied these about 20 years ago).

We went this week, only to be told that the paper maps had been moved to an archive. But the nice librarian showed us that they were available on a computer as scanned images (only on computers labelled 'Local and Family History' in the Reference section of the Central Library). She said that as they were out of copyright, there was no problem with us downloading the maps onto a USB drive. Vic had a list of the necessary maps, so I downloaded them.

The originals are at 2,500:1 or 25.3 inches to the mile. They show plenty of detail, including milestones, marked as MS.

There are 22 maps, mostly from the 1875 series, but I took three from the 1899 series because the links to the 1875 versions of those on the library computer were broken. There is also a 1912 series. Only the maps of areas previously in North Berkshire, now in Oxfordshire, were on the library computer. Maybe Wiltshire libraries have the rest.

Jon Miles

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